One hour £ 200 £ 250
90 minutes £ 300 £ 350
Two hours £ 400 £ 450
Three hours £ 600 £ 650
Additional hour £ 200 £ 200
Overnight £ 1200 £ 1200

Tania is a stimulating woman, and she is sexy and attractive. She has a burst of suggestive laughter, a wild stare; she has a teasing tenderness and undressing eyes. She is one woman you will always want to look at.

With her incredible figure, you will get to enjoy without even touching her. She has a tiny waistline, which makes her body looks symmetrical. She also has a beautiful smile that will make you want to look at her all day.

Her breasts are perky, and these are breasts you will always want to touch or look at the whole day. Her bum is very shapely and proportionate; these are bums that can make your night a one to be remembered.

When it comes to romance and sex, she is one of the best, and you can only confirm this through experience, that is why it is advisable that you always consider her, you will never regret it.