Why I work as a London Escort

Working as a London escort is not frustrating. However, it comes with a few challenges like being opposed by family members or teased by friends. Honestly, working as a London escort has offered me a huge opportunity mainly because I am passionate about exploring the field.

It is worth noting that an escort job is different from a courtesan. In this case, a courtesan provides erotic and sexual services to clients while an escort accompanies the client to events and spends quality time together.

Though it is rare to hear the benefits of being flaunted openly, there are many benefits to being an escort. Below are the benefits I have enjoyed working as an escort in London.

1. High Pay

In 99.9% of jobs out there, no other job can pay $200 or more per hour. Yes! You heard that right! With such money, I am able to live a luxurious life. Besides, I have joined one of the best London escorts agencies that provide a steady flow of customers which provides me with a steady flow of income. After all, I am fit, sociable, and attractive.

2. Flexibility

The job is flexible especially when it comes to timing. In this case, many clients order escorts during the evening. Therefore, even if I have a tight working or school schedule, I can still do what I love most.

3. Chance to travel

Apart from Bayswater, I have traveled to other parts of London thanks to my job. Therefore, being an escort in London has provided me with the chance to travel and explore new places.

4. Chance to interact and date

Usually, most clients are between 30 and 50 years. Also, they are all smart and sophisticated adults. Having met immature and partners with no direction in life before, I can proudly say that being among the best London escorts has given me a chance to interact and date mature and accomplished business leaders.

5. Less Shame

My job is fully discreet. This is mainly because I work with a reputable and trustworthy agency. Most agencies are conservative in terms of the privacy of London escorts. Therefore, my privacy as well as real details are always protected under all circumstances.

6. Respect and safety

Working with an exclusive agency have helped me in making a lot of money without compromising my respect. Additionally, the agency is responsible for providing me with complete security. Most agencies fully understand that some clients can take advantage of escorts the reason why bodyguards are provided. So, we can say that the job is a white-collar job, however, with significant income.

Working with a registered escort agency in London has offered me the opportunity that I have always dreamed about. Like any other job, I can make as much money as I want with time. After all, the agency I work with will never under any circumstance ask me to provide sexual services to clients.

However, I can engage in sexual relations with clients if I want to. I have gained a lot as a London escort. I believe this is because I am open-minded and willing to interact with strangers.

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