5 Best Tips to Become a Successful Escort

A difficult question that most beginner escorts ask is what does it take to be a successful escort? Although there is no direct precise answer to this question, there are various things that you can consider to help you be successful in the business.

Being an escort involves a lot and there are various crucial factors that you have to consider to ensure your success. Being one of the London escorts for years and achieved some level of success, I’m going to share some useful tips that you can implement to help you in the industry.

1. Join a Trustworthy Escort Agency

If you are considering entering the escort business, it is crucial to consider joining an escort agency first. When you join an agency, you have guaranteed safety compared to working on your own. To find a reputable agency, you can check online or talk to other escorts.

You also have the option of the local sex worker advocacy group for them to recommend the right agency.

Although joining an agency means that they will be taken a portion of your earnings, the good thing is that you will be kept safe and they’ll handle all your bookings. An agency also screens your clients first to help outweigh the cost. A good agency will also respect your boundaries and limits.

2. Have a Unique Name

As an escort in central London for many years, I came to realise that having a unique plays a significant role in helping you build a solid brand. When you have a good name, it will help you easily advertise the services that you’re offering in an effective manner.

However, you need to conduct research online first before settling on a name. Avoid using the same name used by another escort. Most first names for escorts are very common. Therefore, it is important to use a last name for your clients to easily recognise you.

3. Market Yourself Online

The internet is full of opportunities and one of the ways to take advantage of them is to set up an online profile. If you are an independent escort, you can market your services online through many platforms and connect with potential clients. It is crucial to consider doing your own marketing, unless you work in an agency.

The first step is to sign up for an account on websites and provide a short biography of yourself and what you’re offering. The good thing is that you can register an account on multiple websites, which will help to increase your chances of landing clients.

4. Promote Yourself through High-Quality Photos

It is essential to consider taking high-quality photos to promote yourself as an escort. It is a proven fact that photos play a significant role in advertising. You can try and find a professional photographer to take your photos.

Ask other escorts to recommend to you photographers they think are ideal. But, before the photography session, try and ensure that you are comfortable taking the photos or showing your face.

5. Think Outside the Box

Another thing to consider as an escort is to think outside the box. Avoid assuming that what works for another person will work for you. You can try and find different tactics of marketing yourself.

Another thing is that, if you are a beginner thinking of going solo because someone else you know went independent and became successful, avoid doing that because what might have worked for her doesn’t necessary mean it will work for you. It is highly recommended to join an agency first as a beginner.

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