One hour £ 400 £ 500
90 minutes £ 500 £ 600
Two hours £ 600 £ 700
Three hours £ 800 £ 900
Additional hour £ 200 £ 200
Overnight £ 1300 £ 1300

Susan’s great body is one thing that you will always want to look at and touch once you set your eyes on her. She is smoking hot, and you wouldn’t want her to pass by you and have a word with you. She has excellent kissable lips that will tear your attention between listening to her as she talks and staring at her lips.

When she bends, you will want to touch her back, and she has a sexy and nice back that you wouldn’t keep your eyes off. When she talks to you, you will want to listen to her the whole day, and she has a beautiful and soft voice. The way she breathes while talking, it will mesmerize you.

She also has high self-esteem; the way Susan looks at herself, the way she sees herself is something you will notice at first sight. She is some of the few greatest souls you will want to hang around with.